Ensuring quality and reliability for your reagents and assays

To achieve quality standards, you require a reliable source for raw materials and reagents. Our company delivers not only fast lead times but also stringent quality control testing, an efficient quality management system (QMS), and flexibility in formulations, sizes, containers, and materials. Boston BioProducts offers dependable reagents, customized solutions, and assay development services backed by end-to-end optimization. By consolidating all your reagent needs with one vendor, we ensure seamless support for your transition from research use only (RUO) to in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

Custom Solutions for all of Your Applications


Diagnostic Kit Development

Consistent and reliable reagent sourcing is crucial when transitioning to IVD. In-house manufacturing may appear cost-effective, but lot-to-lot inconsistency can be costly. Quality standards for IVD demand a thorough QMS. Boston BioProducts offers expert infrastructure and expertise for consistent, reliable reagents and results.


Assay Development

Expertise, reliable reagents, and flexibility are essential for assay development, including necessary adjustments to reagent formulations. Our services provide dependable, tailored end-to-end optimization, spanning sample preparation, assay parameters, and target detection. Boston BioProducts can scale solutions to meet your changing demands, making us the ideal partner for assay development.