Get strong, clear interaction between antigen and antibody

ELISA protocols are generally simple and rewarding to carry out. But a weak signal resulting from not obtaining specific and highly sensitive interaction between the antigen-antibody complex is challenging to deal with. The ELISA buffers you use are the x-factor in the success of running ELISAs, which is where we come in.

Boston BioProducts delivers quality ELISA buffers, including ELISA wash buffers, that enhance the specific binding of antibodies, and keep your science consistent and moving forward.

How we simplify the process

When you run ELISAs for making discoveries, advancing therapeutic R&D, or serving as a quality control measure, you want reliable, reproducible results that make it clear if and how much of your target is present. Our buffers are developed to optimize your ELISA assays. We provide high-quality reliable ELISA buffers that are readily available to keep your R&D workflows moving and your immunoassay results consistent.

Ways Boston BioProducts can help


Custom buffers tailored to your needs

Whether you need to adjust the concentration of an ELISA buffer, or require a non-standard pH for an ELISA wash buffer, we can make it for you. To bolster the integrity of your results and mitigate time spent troubleshooting, opt in to using high-quality solutions that match your exact needs.


Confidently protect the specific, bound protein

Our ELISA buffers allow you to confidently block and wash the microtiter plates to prevent non-specific binding of proteins. Boston BioProducts provides the solutions you need to propel your ELISAs from beginning to end, with pre-made starting buffers and reagents to stop solutions-and we keep them readily available.


ELISA wash buffers that enhance rather than interfere

Let's help you wash your wells carefully on repeat with our high-quality pre-made ELISA wash buffers. Whether you've automated your washing steps or not, our wash buffers allow you to: sufficiently remove a previous buffer, reduce background interference, and enhance the specific binding of antibodies.


Rely on our dependable supply chain

How Boston bioproducts address the problems highlighted in the previous section.

A steady and reliable stock of high-quality scientific reagents is a must-have for establishing and maintaining a productive R&D workflow. To keep your immunoassay workflows moving, you need a dependable supplier that ensures a bottleneck-free product supply chain. Our ELISA buffers are readily available to advance your projects smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) buffers are used in the coating, washing, and blocking steps when performing an ELISA assay. An ELISA buffer is a solution used to rinse out unbound molecules from each well of a microtiter plate.

Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) is a commonly used biological buffer in ELISA, Western blotting and immunoprecipitation assays. It is a salt solution used to wash biological samples without compromising the sample because it provides a stable environment; it has a constant pH, it's isotonic and non-toxic to cells.

ELISA wash buffers can be homemade using standard recipes, or a commercial concentrate can be diluted with deionized water, thoroughly mixed and made up to a known volume. We at BBP take that task off your plate. We have a range of pre-made ELISA wash buffers for your immunoassay needs.

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