Help your cells thrive with well-balanced buffers

A cell culture buffer must provide a stable and enriching home away from home for cells to thrive. When a buffer does not offer a precise balance of nutrients, pH, and osmotic pressure, it compromises the cells' growth and development. Don't let a buffer put a barrier between you and the cells' ability to thrive. See how we can help.

How we simplify the process

Cell culture buffers are like an all-inclusive five-star rated hotel that does not compromise on anything to ensure the most conducive liveable environment. Our quality cell culture buffers are precisely formulated to your needs to grow the desired cells effortlessly. We're meticulous about our products because buffers are our business. Expect product consistency in every batch to help you simplify your workload.

Advantages of Boston BioProducts cell culture buffers


Rely on buffers made with high-quality ingredients

Because water is the foundational matrix in preparing buffers, we use the highest quality, and it is low in endotoxins. To ensure the cells live healthily, we add a thoughtfully curated mix of nutrients and hormones.


Save time with buffers expertly blended on demand

Let us handle buffer prep to give you back time and gains in productivity. Our cell culture buffers are expertly blended under stringent aseptic conditions following GMP guidelines. We prepare buffers on demand and strictly adhere to your final product specifications.


Effortlessly grow cells

Cell growth is effortless when excellent ingredients and exact science are used to prepare reliable buffers. Enjoy watching your cells in culture multiply when you use BBP's cell culture buffers.


Keep the cells alive

When the cells start growing in culture, it's time to keep them alive. But that's not your job. Cell culture buffers from Boston BioProducts keep the cells alive and maintain cell health. Because we formulate our buffers using the best quality ingredients, cells remain viable and contamination-free.

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Boston BioProducts is a proudly ISO 13485:2016 certified and compliant company. Our product offering follows GMP guidelines.

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Quality Assurance

Our buffers are formulated with high-quality ingredients. Water has low endotoxins, no microbial growth, and no RNase/DNase detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cell culture buffers (also called cell culture media) are enriched solutions formulated with nutrients to help harvested cells grow under stable optimum pH and osmotic pressure conditions.

Cell culture media is made from water free of toxins and microbial contaminants and a carefully formulated blend of varying macro- and micronutrients, vitamins, hormones, and amino acids. The composition of cell culture buffers is custom-made to the needs of the cells being grown.