Set a reliable foundation for your science

We know how important it is to generate results you can trust and reproduce. That's why it is vital your reagents and buffers don't let you down. Boston BioProducts offers the reliable buffers and reagents your research requires and you deserve.

We offer a wide spectrum of biological buffers, balanced salt solutions, and more. All our products are made from the highest quality analytical grade reagents. If you need custom formulations, we work with you to deliver the ideal buffer for your specific research.

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Protein Research

We support your protein research from extraction of a protein to its complete analysis and characterization. At Boston BioProducts, you'll find lysis buffers, protein purification buffers, and a comprehensive spread of buffers for nearly every task in protein research - all in low endotoxin water.


Immunology Research

Whether you need buffers and solutions for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, or detection, you'll find it at Boston BioProducts. This includes lysis buffers and fixative solutions for preparing biological samples as well as several options of secondary antibodies.

Related Applications:

Molecular Biology

Equip your lab with high-quality reagents. We offer a wide range of molecular biology products including agarose, plasmid isolation kits, DNA ladders, gel loading dyes, dNTPs, and electrophoresis buffers. You'll also find reagents for transfection, mouse genotyping, and ChIP analysis. The list goes on.


Cell Physiology

Your cells are precious, study them with accuracy. At Boston BioProducts, you'll find high-quality buffers and balanced salt solutions for applications ranging from cell culture to imaging. Also available are formalin and paraformaldehyde-based fixative solutions ideal for preparing cells for staining.