Antibody-antigen docking: specificity lies in the details

A variety of common analytical methods relies on antibody-antigen interactions to highlight the presence of specific proteins in biological tissues. However, lengthy, multistep experiments have higher risks of generating false-positive and negative outcomes, resulting in inaccurate data.

Preparatory conditions, including the choice of buffers and reagents, influence the antibody's ability to reach and recognize the antigen of interest. Dehydration solvents, contaminants, or a poor choice of dilution buffers can significantly alter antigen retrieval, causing unreliable results and waste of biological resources.

The selection, manufacturing, and use of IHC Buffers are essential to ensuring successful target protein detection and highly reproducible results.

How does immunohistochemistry work?

Immunohistochemical staining highlights a specific protein or structure, based on labeled antibodies targeting an antigen of interest. Choosing the optimal IHC buffers, antibodies, and incubation times is critical for avoiding false-positive staining, and ensure proper visualization and long-term storage of your samples.


How we simplify the process

Detection of target protein biomarkers in tissue-a critical task, but often a challenge. Our team of experts and high-quality analytical-grade IHC Buffers help you get clear signals, even for tricky proteins, and in the correct cell type, subcellular location, and other spatial parameters.

Ways Boston BioProducts can help


Assure quality & traceability of IHC buffers

Research heavily depends on trust between scientists and lab suppliers. Can you trust yours? Directly manufactured in our ISO:13485 certified GMP facility, all our IHC Buffers and reagents follow a strict production process to minimize contamination risks, background signals, and lot variations.


Remain IHC-ready with near-on-demand buffer supply

With long-term storage for customer products, we make sure your IHC Buffers are ready when you need them and enable batch-to-batch consistency, allowing you to obtain reproducible results from your 1st to your 1000th IHC assay.


Efficiently troubleshoot with expert IHC support

Advocates of communication, trust, and transparency, we respond promptly to any question you may have. Need more certainty around your protocol for fixation, antigen retrieval, blocking, or visualization? Our specialists offer personalized technical advice to ensure you achieve specific detection and spatial accuracy.

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