Take control of growing yeast and bacteria cells with the right media

Without a substantial population, yeast and bacteria growth, in controlled laboratory conditions, turns into grueling work. If you are experiencing low yield, the cell culture media is likely the culprit. Take control of growing microorganisms by having your yeast and bacteria culture media custom formulated or using top-quality standard formulas. We offer a range of yeast and bacteria media, that we can customize to any application. With our media, you'll enjoy abundant quantities of healthy, viable cells that express your target recombinant proteins

How we simplify the process

Population growth of bacteria and yeast cell culture with sufficient density is possible. This is true for both yeasts as well as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. At Boston BioProducts, we invest our time, energy, and resources in providing top quality buffers and reagents to support your R&D. Whether you need common or custom media, we can get you what you need-on time and optimally formulated.

Advantages of Boston BioProducts as a partner


Help cultures thrive by using media made with the finest raw materials

Creating optimal conditions for yeast cell cultures and other microorganisms such as bacteria or mold begins with the media. We use research-grade raw materials to prepare media under stringent aseptic conditions, following GMP guidelines. The water we use to manufacture these media is free of bacterial endotoxin, proteases, and nucleases. We keep it clean to keep them growing.


Benefit from batch-to-batch consistency and traceability

Reproducibility helps your science stay consistent and move forward. At Boston BioProducts, all our products are consistent batch-to-batch. We catalog and record each step of every batch we produce. This allows us to track down and troubleshoot any issues that arise-even years later.


Receive bacteria and yeast cell culture media on time and on-demand

Yeast cell culture multiplies rapidly. Do you have enough media and reagents to keep up with your cells in culture? We do. Our team delivers your products according to a specified schedule or on-demand. Keep your lab stocked to maintain a smooth workflow.

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Experience expert custom buffer manufacturing

We know how important it is to have cells that reliably grow and efficiently express recombinant proteins. Use our decades of experience and expertise to move your research forward. Our team of experts are happy to suggest and formulate the exact media your cells need.

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Boston BioProducts is a proudly ISO 13485:2016 certified and compliant company. All our products follow GMP guidelines.

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We formulate our bacteria and yeast cell cultures media using high-quality raw materials so you can confidently rely on our world-class products.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yeasts grow on liquid or solid nutrient-rich media. A compatible composition of yeast cell culture media ensures a sufficient population of cells. This is necessary to achieve substantial expression of recombinant proteins which will eventually isolate. Boston BioProducts prepares broths and custom formulates yeast and bacteria media on-demand.

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