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Obtaining a blood sample is delicate. And retrieving information from its red or white blood cells requires careful precision. For this reason, using a blood lysis buffer that only attains partial lysis just doesn't cut it! We offer a range of lysis buffers and custom solutions to help you obtain complete lysis of red or white blood cells from various organisms.

With our expertise and products, we can custom formulate any lysis buffer to ensure you get intact white blood cells upon lysing red blood cells.

How we simplify the process

You need functional components to deem the blood cell lysis successful and complete. Since the blood sample you have to work with to obtain information is valuable to you, it matters to us to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. We provide high-quality pre-made blood cell lysis buffers and more.

Need a solution to prevent proteolytic degradation and dephosphorylation of the extracted protein? Our scientists create and provide expert cocktail inhibitors so you can use those lysates for conducting enzymatic assays.

The Boston BioProducts advantage


Develop a guideline for successful lysis conditions

At Boston BioProducts, we provide more than a product-to-bench service. If you encounter any hiccups with your workflow, our team of scientists offers guidance on the best lysis conditions to accomplish the lysis of your cells. We help you keep your science consistent and moving forward.


Quality ingredients and good manufacturing practices

Formulating optimal conditions for delicate samples like blood is what we do best. Following GMP guidelines, we use research-grade raw materials to prepare buffers and reagents under stringent aseptic conditions. The water we manufacture each blood lysis buffer is free of bacterial endotoxin, proteases, and nucleases.


Expert custom buffer manufacturing

When you work with unique blood samples and need a special formulation, contact us. Use our decades of experience and expertise to move your research forward. Our team of experts is happy to hear from you to formulate the exact blood lysis buffer your cells need.

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Boston BioProducts is a proudly ISO 13485:2016 certified and compliant company. Our product offering follows GMP guidelines.

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Our buffers are formulated with high-quality ingredients. Water has low endotoxins, no microbial growth, and no RNase/DNase detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blood cell lysis is the breaking or disruption of blood cells (red blood cells called erythrocytes and white blood cells called leukocytes). Scientists typically employ mechanical or non-mechanical methods to lyse cells to extract proteins for downstream experiments.

A blood lysis buffer disrupts the blood cell's membrane by altering pH. A range of buffers can lyse red or white blood cells. If detergents are added to buffers, the release of soluble proteins is accelerated, and a purification step must be added to the cell lysis protocol.