Consistent, Specific Protein Detection

Detect the presence of specific proteins in biological samples, measure changes in protein size, activation state, or posttranslational modifications, or investigate protein-protein interactions. Consistent Western blot success is possible. However, it is threatened by a variety of factors such as variability in sample preparation, inconsistent antibody performance, and the presence of background signal.

Buffers are essential at every step in the Western blot protocol to effectively denature proteins, maintain the proper pH, and block non-specific antibody binding. When selecting Western blotting buffers, you need reliable, customizable buffers to meet your needs. Boston BioProducts can help.

How we simplify the process

The drug development journey needs reliable products and processes. Our readily-available buffers support your demanding and controlled workflows. When you work with us, you'll enjoy a steady supply of high-quality pharmaceutical buffers and reagents formulated under strict GMP conditions.

If you need any buffer in pharmaceutical systems, we're here to help. We also offer custom buffer manufacturing so you have exactly what you need to enhance your drug R&D and manufacturing processes.

The Boston BioProducts advantage


Ensure reliable upstream bioprocessing

The upstream bioprocessing workflow is one of the pillars of successful drug development. At Boston BioProducts, we provide scientific expertise and high-quality products to improve cell line development and cultivate proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other bioproducts.

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Optimize downstream bioprocessing

When you use pharmaceutical buffers with precise pH and salt conditions, you're one step closer to successful downstream bioprocess workflows. We have readily available buffers and reagents so you can reliably recover pure and bioactive recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and non-viral & viral vectors.

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Improve small molecule drug development

Set a reliable foundation with high-performance buffers. Investing in small molecule drug development helps discover new therapeutics and advance them through the lab journey to commercialization. Let us be part of your drug R&D journey by equipping you with high-quality pharmaceutical buffers that improve your products' aqueous solubility and permeability.


Optimize buffers early for scale-up success

Too often, formulations go through a lengthy transition into new scales of R&D and manufacturing. We speed up this process by making specialty formations that keep your science consistent, moving forward, and ready for the next phase.

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Boston BioProducts is proudly ISO 13485:2016 certified and compliant. Our product offering follows GMP guidelines.

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Quality Assurance

We formulate our pharmaceutical buffers with high-quality raw materials so you can confidently rely on our world-class products.

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Get tailored support to optimize your workflow. Let us serve you with our rapid communication, flexibility, and reliable supply chain.

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