Quality Assurance —
We Take It Seriously

As a small family business and the true manufacturer of our buffers and solutions, we never sacrifice the quality of our products and services.

Whether you are researching biological systems or developing the next generation of therapeutics, you’ll set a solid foundation for your science with our products and services.

How we deliver top quality:

  • Proactive quality culture
  • Supplier qualification system
  • Reliable vendor and distributor network
  • eQMS system
  • In-house manufacturing in a purpose-built facility
  • Comprehensive quality documentation

In-house Manufacturing

Being the true manufacturer of our products gives us total control over the process. This allows us to ensure every product is pure, every lot is consistent, and every order is efficiently fulfilled.

Our manufacturing and quality control capabilities are wide-ranging and flexible. We can deliver common & custom buffers and keep them in stock — minimizing lot variations and ensuring they are readily available.

Our quality control lab supports 10+ biological and analytical tests.

Biological testing
  • DNase
  • RNase
  • Microbial growth
  • Endotoxin
  • Bioburden
Analytical and in-process testing
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Osmolality
  • Density
  • Filter integrity
  • Appearance

Built-for-purpose Facilities

All our products are manufactured in-house at our cGMP 115,000+ ft2 commercial and manufacturing facility in Milford, MA.

Our facilities are strategically designed to streamline material flow and material control. To guarantee high quality products, they’re equipped with state-of-the-art equipment (backed by validation documentation), specified zones for each stage of the workflow, and customer-designated warehouses.

A Vendor Network That Delivers

When we’re in supply, you’re in supply. To ensure our products are consistently high quality and readily available, we selectively choose raw material vendors and product distributors.

We’ve established a strong network of distributors and vendors — verified through our supplier qualification system. By choosing Boston BioProducts, you’ll remain assay-ready by having a reliable supply of buffers and reagents.

Proactive Quality Culture

We are committed to continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system.

We do the following to keep quality high and ensure consistency:

  • Consider eminent customer needs
  • Evaluate quality and regulatory guidelines
  • Encourage valuable employee input
  • Integrate comprehensive risk management

These are all applied in conjunction with the repetition of verified advantageous practices to constantly, constructively, and dynamically re-evaluate our approach.