Boston BioProducts provides ready-to-use solutions for many applications used for life science research. This includes antibiotics, acid & base, sugars, detergents, metal, chelating, balanced salt solutions and much more.

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Custom Buffer Manufacturing

Enlist our team of experts to get custom buffers formulated to meet your lab’s required protocols and recipes. Our turnaround times can range from a single day to a few weeks. Before each shipment, our dedicated team will ensure your buffers are suitable and tested for your specific application.


Research & Diagnostics

Support your research from beginning to end with our wide selection of biological buffers, reagents, media, and balanced salt solutions. Made from the highest quality analytical-grade reagents, our products will set a foundation for your science to deliver reliable and consistent results.


Drug Development and Manufacturing

We offer a comprehensive array of buffers and process liquids for the entire bioprocessing and manufacturing workflow. Whether you need solutions for cell growth, chromatography, or final system cleaning, our buffers provide full traceability, lot-to-lot reproducibility, and are rapidly formulated and delivered to your lab.