Boston BioProducts' Buffer Calculator

Biological buffers play a key role in maintaining the pH and environmental conditions of scientific processes and ensure controlled
experiments with preserved results. The concentration of a buffer's raw materials holds a direct impact in its final application and must
have correct measurements.

This calculator is a useful tool to compute buffer concentration in molarity (M, mM, or nM) and prepare buffer solutions using the molar
mass of the raw material selected and the desired final volume (L, mL, or µL). The following formulas, including the Henderson-
Hasselbach equation [1], percentage by weight (w/v) [2], and mass by calculation are built in - bypassing any chances of error in your
buffer calculations.

  • Henderson-Hasselbach equation:pH = pKa + log[A-]
  • Percentage by weight (w/v) =1g solute
    100g of solution ×100
  • Mass by concentration = Desired concentration×molar mass of raw material×final volume

How to use the Buffer Calculator:

  • Select your desired raw material.
  • Insert the desired final volume and concentration of your buffer into the corresponding fields.
  • The correct mass of your desired raw material will instantly populate the "Mass" field.