Gain high signal-to-noise results with reliable buffers

Utilizing immunology as a tool for the diagnosis of disease requires common techniques such as ELISAs, IHC/ICC, flow cytometry, and immuno-PCR. These and many other immuno-diagnostic methods rely on antibody-antigen reactions for an accurate readout.

High background prevents you from obtaining clear signals and may be an indication that you need to adjust your buffers and reagents.

How we simplify the process

Made from the highest quality analytical-grade reagents, our products take your precious antibodies where they need to be. We manufacture our buffers and reagents in-house-giving us complete control over quality and allowing us to maintain a readily-availble supply of the foundational materials you need to keep your immuno-diagnostics research moving. Streamline your science and focus on the assays and results rather than the prepwork.

Partner with Boston BioProducts-because your antibody-antigen interactions are only as good as your immuno-diagnostic reagents.

Ways Boston BioProducts can help


Get the right buffers for all phases of development

We offer a selection of Research Use Only (RUO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) buffers that support you through all phases of immunoassay and diagnostic kit product development.


Achieve low background, and high success rates

Enjoy clean results and eliminate the noise with expertly formulated buffers. Maximize target protein expression and successful antibody-antigen binding to achieve high signal-to-noise and confidence in your immuno-diagnostic tools.


Benefit from our flexible approach

We work around your research. Our optimized biological buffers come in various container sizes to meet individual needs and research purposes. We know how important quality is for immunodiagnostic applications, so we also perform specialty QC tests as needed.


Custom service at your fingertips

Our knowledgeable team can manufacture custom buffers of all types and for virtually any application. Our custom formulations get to you fast. We supply on-demand, or at regular intervals, so your buffers will never halt your immuno-diagnostics development.

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Boston BioProducts is a proudly ISO 13485:2016 certified and compliant company. Our product offering follows GMP guidelines.

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Our buffers are formulated with high-quality ingredients. Water has low endotoxins, no microbial growth, and no RNase/DNase detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Immuno-diagnostics is a field of science that uses immunology as a diagnostic tool. The fundamental components exploit the ability of antibodies to bind to specific target antigens and provide highly sensitive insights into disease. High-quality, optimized buffers and immuno-diagnostic reagents facilitate this antibody-antigen binding and enable the development of immunoassays, diagnostic kits, and targeted therapies.

Commonly used immunoassays such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), fluorescent immunoassays (FIA), and immunohistochemistry (IHC) employ a color reaction or tagged fluorescent compound to gain functional readouts from antibody-antigen complex formation.